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What is it ?

Reflexology takes its roots in acupuncture, which recommended massage to the soles of the feet to stimulate the flow of energy in the body. Blockages of energy field (known as “Qi”) are believed to prevent healing. According to the reflexology theory, certain points on the feet and hands correspond to specific organs and body parts. Applying pressure with hand, thumb and fingers to stimulate certain areas can promote health in the corresponding parts. 



Applying pressure on certain areas of the feet can promote health in the corresponding parts. For example, the tips of the toe reflect the head, the heart and chest are around the ball of the foot, the liver, pancreas and kidney are in the arch of the foot and low back and intestines are towards the heel. Reflexology promotes relaxation, improves blood circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, and encourages overall healing. Relaxing yet sometimes painful, it can give a sense of total tension release.


Good to know

Reflexology is performed barefoot with loose clothes on your legs. Don’t worry if you are ticklish, firm pressures should not make you giggle too much! The therapist should always work within your comfort zone: Raise your hand if it hurts. You may feel sleepy after a session.



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